Tue Oct 17 2017 08:02:58 UTC
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18 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60220 Xamarin Text Edi mkrueger NEW --- Hyperlink underline color should match test 22:14:29
60213 Xamarin iOS add- jeff NEW --- iOS project startup performance issue 17:28:18
60201 Xamarin Debugger david.karlas NEED --- Debugger not releasing - requires simulator restart 14:15:15
60206 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- Custom color picker does not reflect accurate values for the selected control 14:17:58
60200 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- NSBundle.MainBundle.Localizations has duplicate entries Mon 10:35
60202 Class Li mscorlib bugzilla NEW --- EncodingInfo.Name sometimes returns different casing/name compared to Encoding.WebName Mon 11:52
60203 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- MultiTrigger with a BindingCondition and a PropertyCondition causes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Mon 12:09
60205 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla NEW --- [Enhancement] Add support for User Defined Runtime Attributes to the Properties editor 04:40:39
60210 iOS Xamarin. bugzilla NEW --- 3D touch peek pop intermittently causing UI to freeze 15:32:26
60212 Forms Forms bugzilla NEW --- ListView margins not calculated correctly with visible keyboard 16:57:19
60216 Class Li General bugzilla NEW --- I18N: Look at FIXME's of various encodings 20:30:34
60221 Visual S iOS bugzilla NEW --- Crash when mac agent announces on bonjour 23:48:50
60223 iOS General bugzilla NEW --- Xamarin.iOS empty project with memory leak 01:50:10
60209 Forms Forms bugzilla CONF --- A Property resets to default when multiple Triggers setting it to the same value 18:29:29
60199 Visual S Android bugzilla NEED --- Xamarin.Android troubles following install of Xamarin 4.7 on Visual Studio 2015 20:43:32
60204 Forms Forms bugzilla NEED --- Bug when running UWP app in assigned access mode 07:17:08
60207 Xamarin iOS Desi bugzilla RESO DUPL [Enhancement] Add support for dragging and reordering controls in the Document Outline 04:31:09
60208 Forms Android bugzilla RESO DUPL TapGestureRecognizer doesn't respond consistently to taps 19:10:31
18 bugs found.