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55 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
55536 iOS Tools vincent.dondain CONF --- [btouch] Enabling --process-enums on a project with StructsAndEnums.cs set as ObjcBindingCoreSource give build error 2017-04-25
23355 iOS Tools sebastien CONF --- Linker strips properties from anonymous types 2016-07-23
57825 iOS Tools sebastien CONF --- [linker] Type arguments to attributes that take System.Object aren't preserved Mon 19:32
10646 iOS Tools sebastien CONF --- Linker does not remove unused enum values 2017-05-17
8725 iOS Tools sebastien ASSI --- MonoTouch cannot cope with referenced assemblies with more than 1 module 2017-09-28
10739 iOS Tools sebastien ASSI --- Linker does not remove unused fields initialisers 2017-09-28
46121 iOS Tools rolf CONF --- [mlaunch] We do not show any error when launching on a device that isn't supported by currently selected Xcode 2017-06-15
56022 iOS Tools rolf ASSI --- Improve the static registrar to generate code that does not need any reflection at runtime 2017-10-06
57110 iOS Tools rolf ASSI --- Mixing LLVM and non-LLVM when manually building for frameworks causes linker errors 2017-08-10
57929 iOS Tools rolf ASSI --- Add support for using automatically generated assembly qualified names to export NSObject subclasses 2017-07-04
59634 iOS Tools rolf ASSI --- mtouch: Add support for not generating debug info (AOT) for specific assemblies 2017-09-21
58553 iOS Tools manuel.delapena CONF --- improve-task-t-return-type-description tool incorrectly types Task from completion handler arguments 2017-08-04
56754 iOS Tools manuel.delapena IN_P --- warning MT0095: Aot files could not be copied to the destination directory (with extensions) 2017-09-27
16433 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Monotouch Dialog: Radiogroup selection screen does not have a Back button if previous screen has no title 2014-01-14
18842 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Debug build w/o the settings change 2014-05-06
22665 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Nested async unit tests with Timeout attribute don't assert 2014-09-05
26719 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- MemoryLeak in MonoTouch.NUnitLite for parameterized tests 2015-02-13
57091 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- We're needlessly extracting third-party libraries multiple times from the same assembly for fat builds 2017-08-03
57095 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- generator: incorrect code generated for instance category properties 2017-06-03
57531 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Support [Async] inside categories 2017-06-15
57536 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] CS0030: Cannot convert type 'System.nint' to 'SceneKit.SCNDebugOptions' 2017-06-15
57801 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Generator should error on [Async] delegates returning non-void 2017-06-27
57870 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Smart enum wrapper doesn't work on setters 2017-08-11
58844 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Methods with out parameters can't use interface protocols 2017-08-18
25162 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Invalid Paths in App Submission Caused by Xamarin Tooling 2016-01-11
53508 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Optimize availability attributes 2017-03-20
4391 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- btouch: Add support for binding NSFastEnumeration to IEnumerable 2015-08-03
11576 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [btouch] Generated code fails to compile if Export attribute contains spaces 2017-04-03
33107 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- BTOUCH has error with float** and float* parameters 2015-09-01
40729 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Support binding constructors as static methods 2017-02-28
41291 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- An executable named "Xamarin_iOS.exe" causes native build failure 2016-05-24
52400 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Missing Using in Trampoline Code for Bindings with delegates returning Bound Objects and Protocols 2017-02-10
56961 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- System.MissingFieldException: Field 'System.Net.HttpWebRequest.ResendContentFactory' not found. 2017-09-18
58127 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- MT5203 : Native linking warning : warning: overriding the module target triple with thumbv7k-apple-watchos2.0.0 [-Woverride-module] 2017-07-13
58282 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [BlockSupport] Can't use Action <bool> in delegate 2017-07-31
58350 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Handle sharpie's [RequiresSuper] 2017-08-02
58698 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Add support for inlining constructors and static methods from protocols 2017-08-10
58845 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] [Field]s can't be of type `short` 2017-08-18
58856 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Boilerplate for [SomeEnum]Extensions classes. 2017-08-18
58887 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Automated content that uses <para> tags should be added to Remarks section only 2017-08-18
59294 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] The [Wrap] attribute does not work when used on a [Category] decorated type 2017-09-07
59308 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- generator: support optionally not inlining optional protocol members 2017-09-07
59408 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [generator] Add support for automatically add constructors defined in a base class' api definition 2017-09-12
59484 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- Improve MT5215 to say where the reference was found 2017-09-14
59912 iOS Tools bugzilla CONF --- [mtouch] Convert non-fatal AOT failures into mtouch warnings 2017-10-03
41654 iOS Tools bugzilla ASSI --- registrar calls the incorrect base constructor for chained constructors 2017-08-07
57791 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- iOS Device builds taking a very long time 2017-09-27
59809 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- I18NPortable Issue 2017-10-03
60149 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- Sharing violation building an existing iOS project. Needs to clean before each build ... Wed 08:46
60176 iOS Tools bugzilla NEED --- mtouch error "Could not link assemblies" on System.Reflection.RuntimeParameterInfo 10:48:24
57094 iOS Tools alex.soto CONF --- Improve BI1014 - include name of unsupported field and valid types 2017-06-03
57795 iOS Tools alex.soto CONF --- BindAs attribute for smart enum to multidimensional array generates code that doesn't compile 2017-07-04
57797 iOS Tools alex.soto CONF --- BindAs attribute for smart enums of an array of nullable values generates code that doesn't compile 2017-06-27
57804 iOS Tools alex.soto CONF --- Slightly incorrect error message when trying to use ref/out parameters with BindAs attributes 2017-06-27
58792 iOS Tools alex.soto ASSI --- PresentAsync (and other methods) contain out parameter that is captured in task type 2017-08-15
55 bugs found.


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