Sun Feb 18 2018 20:01:57 UTC
Chuck Norris can write infinite recursion functions… and have them return.
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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
37772 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla NEW --- Instance.GetType ().GetInterface (SomeInterfaceFullName, true) returns null only on MacOs 2016-04-28
40691 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla NEW --- Unmanaged memory leak when using DynamicMethod 2016-12-23
44546 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla NEW --- System.InvalidOperationException : System.Reflection.Emit.DynamicMethod:create_dynamic_method 2017-02-09
14060 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla CONF --- DynamicILInfo.SetLocalSignature() is not implemented, blocking Jurassic JavaScript engine working 2017-10-14
40953 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla CONF --- Bad performance using TypeBuilder 2016-09-14
60843 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla CONF --- Type 0x15 not handled in custom attr value decoding 2017-11-27
41130 Runtime Reflecti kumpera CONF --- Segmentation Fault on calling Type.GetField() for generic dynamic types Wed 21:58
31969 Runtime Reflecti aleksey CONF --- Add support for DisablePrivateReflectionAttribute 2015-10-20
33208 Runtime Reflecti aleksey CONF --- System.Reflection.Module.ResolveMember() returning inconsistent results when querying dynamic assemblies 2016-09-21
35115 Runtime Reflecti aleksey CONF --- Dissallow AppDomain with ReflectionPermission.NoFlags to call private methods. 2015-10-20
37747 Runtime Reflecti aleksey CONF --- Type.GetType returns null when some blank Before the comma! 2016-01-18
17010 Runtime Reflecti bugzilla REOP --- System.ExecutionEngineException when reflecting a class with a static constructor and non-resolvable instance type 2017-11-10
12 bugs found.