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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
60891 Class Li Mono.POS bill.holmes NEW --- NuGet Mono.Posix.targets incorrectly uses Mac DLL on all none-Windows platforms 2017-11-29
2014 Class Li Mono.POS bugzilla NEW --- Locking file with fcntl fails on OSX when invoked through Mono.Unix 2012-06-26
9611 Class Li Mono.POS bugzilla NEW --- UnixSymbolicLinkInfo does not work with Linux proc file system 2013-01-16
33916 Class Li Mono.POS bugzilla NEW --- Incorrect working of UnixSignal when calling Console.Beep 2015-09-14
13856 Class Li Mono.POS jonp NEW --- Mono.Posix change internal structures but don't perform any form of versioning 2013-08-08
53516 Class Li Mono.POS bugzilla CONF --- Error writing files greater than 4GB in 32 bit OS 2017-09-11
6 bugs found.