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15 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
21382 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEED --- mono_domain_from_appdomain should handle transparent proxies. 2018-01-25
59182 Runtime Interop vargaz IN_P --- Crash/SIGSEGV with interop callback with struct parameter from native to managed on Xamarin.Android on armv7 2017-10-05
7127 Runtime Interop bugzilla CONF --- PInvoke with parameter a class without StructLayout 2017-07-13
43692 Runtime Interop bugzilla CONF --- Receiving ClassCastException exception when using PushModalAsync for a page wrapped in a NavigationPage 2017-08-30
52467 Runtime Interop bugzilla CONF --- callback from native thread causes SIGSEGV 2017-09-06
57172 Runtime Interop bugzilla CONF --- Marshalling structures containing objects doesn't work with LayoutKind.Explicit 2017-07-10
59209 Runtime Interop bugzilla CONF --- Custom (user defined) Performance Counter is not accessible from another process 2017-09-11
18941 Runtime Interop kg CONF --- Calling Marshal.SizeOf() with an Empty struct using Sequential or Explicit returns 0 Fri 03:18
14989 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- running with mono, calling a dll, throw - catch inside the dll ceases to work. works with .net and earlier mono versions 2013-10-07
25953 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- SafeFileHandle 2015-03-05
33101 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- [feature request] dllexport or DLL_THREAD_ATTACH 2015-08-14
40248 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- Mono on OS X does not search for a library without a "lib" prefix at the path of the executable 2016-04-08
53078 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- WaitHandle.WaitAny consumes multiple AutoResetEvents on Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS 2017-05-05
55821 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- DllImport not compatible with CLR 2017-04-29
59128 Runtime Interop bugzilla NEW --- dllmap entries in dll.config in payload attached at end of main is not processed. 2017-09-16
15 bugs found.