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Sat Apr 19 2014 07:59:18 EDT
Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems.

81 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
18772 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Change events are not being raised on XDocument, just on XDocument.Root
18750 nor --- Wind martin.baulig NEW --- WebClient redirected POST requests causes a bad request on the servers
18421 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentQueue<T>.TryDequeue leaks last remaining element.
18363 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Parallel.For uses unsafe 64 bit cross-thread accesses
18361 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- FileInfo.MoveTo does not work with absolute paths
18097 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentStack<T>.PushRange() does not set the collection size correctly
17817 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Convert.ToUInt64 with base 10 does not check range
17537 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- xbuild gives "Native error= Cannot find the specified file" if assembly to be run by task not marked executable
17311 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase does not provide culture-invariant string comparisons that ignore case.
17302 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- FileStream/io-layer errors out when using file descriptor 0.
16990 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentDictionary lacks proper support for Contains(KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>)
16768 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- SplitOrderedList is not marked as Serializable
16361 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- TypeDescriptor ignores the registered type descriptors
15514 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Try/catch does not catch SerialPort.Open() exception.
14787 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Using ParallelOptions with Parallel.For does not affect number of threads
14781 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Application crashes when FileSystemWatcher Changed event handler shows a form
14653 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Parallel.For throws NotImplementedException
13878 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.LoadFile accepts relative path
13538 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Extraneous lines in Application Output for Debug.WriteLine
13415 nor --- Mac martin.baulig NEW --- PCL mscorlib contains not all methods for Array
12620 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Evaluating Console.CursorLeft is clearing the screen
12552 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.ReadLine() does not read from console if stdout (but not stdin) is redirected
12551 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.ReadKey() when stdin is not coming from console different from .NET specified behavior
12205 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- MethodInfo.ReflectedType returns declaring type for generic base classes
11923 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives() returns a single null drive
11863 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Custom binder ignored by the BinaryFormatter for properties
11771 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- IsolatedStorageFile.GetFileNames() throws exception w/ nested dirs
11699 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- FileStream writing incorrectly (some internal position is wrong)
11630 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- DateTime.Parse(ddMMMyyyy) fails on Linux
11366 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Cambodian CompareInfo appears to be broken
11221 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.Read terminates when I type any character
10906 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.Load of mscorlib overrides typeof<System.Object>.Assembly.Location (not so in .NET)
10808 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- SplitOrderedList appears to call its EqualityComparer on uninitialized values
10789 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- System.Text.Decoder throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when it should not
10788 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- UTF8Decoder.GetChars(Byte[], Int32, Int32, Char[], Int32, Boolean) can write past end of char[]
10699 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- BinaryFormatter fails on jagged arrays
10697 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- DecoderFallbackException is not thrown correctly
10692 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Buggy implementation of Decoder.Convert() method
10443 nor --- Mac atsushi NEW --- String.StartsWith fails when the string contains character 0
10106 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Console.OpenStandardInput() fails when STD_INPUT_HANDLE is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
9962 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- SecureString.RemoveAt(int) function mangles string
9606 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- unstable TPL test case
9526 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- [patch] BinaryFormatter cannot deserialize ObservableCollection<> instances serialized with .net
9517 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.Ports.WinSerialStream.get_BytesToRead() error
8981 nor --- Mac martin.baulig NEW --- The System.Uri class does not use the UriParser infrastructure
8884 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable not working correctly on non windows OS'es
8520 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- [patch] BinaryFormatter cannot deserialize data from other implementations when base types are encoded with full names
6438 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- System.Threading.Timer bug - adding duplicate item to sortedlist - seen intermittently with mono 2.10.x
6225 nor --- Linu martin.baulig NEW --- ConcurrentDictionary sometimes only compares HashCodes of keys when it needs to compare key values as well
6044 nor --- Linu martin.baulig NEW --- Socket.SendAsync does not always call a callback on completion
5984 nor Low Linu martin.baulig NEW --- string::Format handles incorrectly custom providers
5694 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Mono sends remoting messages different than .NET does when calling interface method implemented in a shared type
5678 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- nunit makes banshee-community-extensions to fail
5667 nor Normal Wind lluis NEW --- SerializationException: The object with ID 1 could not be resolved
5483 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem returns a wrong value
5278 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.CreateInstance fails if passed in arguments contain a COM object
4626 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Directory.CreateDirectory fails on Windows for paths with '/'
4392 nor --- Linu lupus NEW --- fileinfo outofrange on x86
4025 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- encoding:Incorrect international character convertion on uncommon codepages (437,1251,etc), possibly memory corruption
3926 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Improve debugging perf with better DebuggerDisplayAttributes
3893 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- ILGenerator.Emit newobj argument validation
3872 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Mono cannot delete a file which should be writable
3852 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream '.' escaping incompatibility
3750 nor Normal Wind bugzilla NEW --- Type.GetConstructor.Invoke gives 'Illegal Characters in Path'
3333 nor --- Othe bugzilla NEW --- TimeZoneInfo.SupportsDaylightSavingTime always returns True
3144 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Incorrect regex matching with empty pattern at the beginning of group
2957 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- CultureInfo.CurrentCulture returns wrong culture name
2770 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- IronRuby gem install fails on mono due to illformed expression, works on .NET
2493 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- SerializationInfo.GetValue does not call custom binary deserialization
2197 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Result of execution of Assembly.GetCallingAssembly() differs between mono and windows native
2167 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Moscow timezone issue
1598 maj Normal Linu bugzilla NEW --- NullReferenceException in System.Text.Encoding.GetBytes(string) with Mono 2.10.5
1112 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary Could not find type generics with serialization binder
1013 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- GetType() method call cannot be intercepted by a transparent proxy
833 min --- All bugzilla NEW --- Path.GetFullPath returns duplicate DirectorySeparatorStr if Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() == DirectorySeparatorStr
358 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Registry's UserStore hardcodes a path in user's home directory
357 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Cannot override SpecialFolders.Personal
16730 nor Normal Wind msafar REOP --- ConcurrentDictionary is not marked as Serializable
8117 nor --- Linu bugzilla REOP --- Implementation of System.Text.GetEncodings() appears to be flawed
5363 nor --- Linu bugzilla REOP --- looping on SortedList.Keys produces KeyNotFoundException when looking up Value
3392 nor --- Wind bugzilla REOP --- [PATCH] DateTimeOffset.Parse ""2012-01-14T15:09:42.692875+03:00"" throws FormatException
81 bugs found.
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