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Wed Apr 16 2014 12:07:08 EDT
The mark of a mature programmer is willingness to throw out code you spent time on when you realize it's pointless. (Bram Cohen)

81 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
357 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Cannot override SpecialFolders.Personal
358 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Registry's UserStore hardcodes a path in user's home directory
833 min --- All bugzilla NEW --- Path.GetFullPath returns duplicate DirectorySeparatorStr if Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() == DirectorySeparatorStr
1013 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- GetType() method call cannot be intercepted by a transparent proxy
1112 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary Could not find type generics with serialization binder
1598 maj Normal Linu bugzilla NEW --- NullReferenceException in System.Text.Encoding.GetBytes(string) with Mono 2.10.5
2167 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Moscow timezone issue
2197 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Result of execution of Assembly.GetCallingAssembly() differs between mono and windows native
2493 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- SerializationInfo.GetValue does not call custom binary deserialization
2770 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- IronRuby gem install fails on mono due to illformed expression, works on .NET
2957 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- CultureInfo.CurrentCulture returns wrong culture name
3144 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Incorrect regex matching with empty pattern at the beginning of group
3333 nor --- Othe bugzilla NEW --- TimeZoneInfo.SupportsDaylightSavingTime always returns True
3392 nor --- Wind bugzilla REOP --- [PATCH] DateTimeOffset.Parse ""2012-01-14T15:09:42.692875+03:00"" throws FormatException
3750 nor Normal Wind bugzilla NEW --- Type.GetConstructor.Invoke gives 'Illegal Characters in Path'
3852 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream '.' escaping incompatibility
3872 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Mono cannot delete a file which should be writable
3893 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- ILGenerator.Emit newobj argument validation
3926 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Improve debugging perf with better DebuggerDisplayAttributes
4025 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- encoding:Incorrect international character convertion on uncommon codepages (437,1251,etc), possibly memory corruption
4392 nor --- Linu lupus NEW --- fileinfo outofrange on x86
4626 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Directory.CreateDirectory fails on Windows for paths with '/'
5278 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.CreateInstance fails if passed in arguments contain a COM object
5363 nor --- Linu bugzilla REOP --- looping on SortedList.Keys produces KeyNotFoundException when looking up Value
5483 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem returns a wrong value
5667 nor Normal Wind lluis NEW --- SerializationException: The object with ID 1 could not be resolved
5678 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- nunit makes banshee-community-extensions to fail
5694 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Mono sends remoting messages different than .NET does when calling interface method implemented in a shared type
5984 nor Low Linu martin.baulig NEW --- string::Format handles incorrectly custom providers
6044 nor --- Linu martin.baulig NEW --- Socket.SendAsync does not always call a callback on completion
6225 nor --- Linu martin.baulig NEW --- ConcurrentDictionary sometimes only compares HashCodes of keys when it needs to compare key values as well
6438 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- System.Threading.Timer bug - adding duplicate item to sortedlist - seen intermittently with mono 2.10.x
8117 nor --- Linu bugzilla REOP --- Implementation of System.Text.GetEncodings() appears to be flawed
8520 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- [patch] BinaryFormatter cannot deserialize data from other implementations when base types are encoded with full names
8884 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable not working correctly on non windows OS'es
8981 nor --- Mac martin.baulig NEW --- The System.Uri class does not use the UriParser infrastructure
9517 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.Ports.WinSerialStream.get_BytesToRead() error
9526 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- [patch] BinaryFormatter cannot deserialize ObservableCollection<> instances serialized with .net
9606 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- unstable TPL test case
9962 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- SecureString.RemoveAt(int) function mangles string
10106 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Console.OpenStandardInput() fails when STD_INPUT_HANDLE is INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
10443 nor --- Mac atsushi NEW --- String.StartsWith fails when the string contains character 0
10692 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Buggy implementation of Decoder.Convert() method
10697 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- DecoderFallbackException is not thrown correctly
10699 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- BinaryFormatter fails on jagged arrays
10788 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- UTF8Decoder.GetChars(Byte[], Int32, Int32, Char[], Int32, Boolean) can write past end of char[]
10789 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- System.Text.Decoder throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException when it should not
10808 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- SplitOrderedList appears to call its EqualityComparer on uninitialized values
10906 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.Load of mscorlib overrides typeof<System.Object>.Assembly.Location (not so in .NET)
11221 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.Read terminates when I type any character
11366 nor --- Wind bugzilla NEW --- Cambodian CompareInfo appears to be broken
11630 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- DateTime.Parse(ddMMMyyyy) fails on Linux
11699 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- FileStream writing incorrectly (some internal position is wrong)
11771 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- IsolatedStorageFile.GetFileNames() throws exception w/ nested dirs
11863 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- Custom binder ignored by the BinaryFormatter for properties
11923 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- System.IO.DriveInfo.GetDrives() returns a single null drive
12205 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- MethodInfo.ReflectedType returns declaring type for generic base classes
12551 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.ReadKey() when stdin is not coming from console different from .NET specified behavior
12552 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Console.ReadLine() does not read from console if stdout (but not stdin) is redirected
12620 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Evaluating Console.CursorLeft is clearing the screen
13415 nor --- Mac martin.baulig NEW --- PCL mscorlib contains not all methods for Array
13538 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Extraneous lines in Application Output for Debug.WriteLine
13878 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Assembly.LoadFile accepts relative path
14653 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Parallel.For throws NotImplementedException
14781 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- Application crashes when FileSystemWatcher Changed event handler shows a form
14787 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Using ParallelOptions with Parallel.For does not affect number of threads
15514 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Try/catch does not catch SerialPort.Open() exception.
16361 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- TypeDescriptor ignores the registered type descriptors
16730 nor Normal Wind msafar REOP --- ConcurrentDictionary is not marked as Serializable
16768 nor --- All bugzilla NEW --- SplitOrderedList is not marked as Serializable
16990 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentDictionary lacks proper support for Contains(KeyValuePair<TKey, TValue>)
17302 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- FileStream/io-layer errors out when using file descriptor 0.
17311 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- StringComparer.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase does not provide culture-invariant string comparisons that ignore case.
17537 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- xbuild gives "Native error= Cannot find the specified file" if assembly to be run by task not marked executable
17817 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Convert.ToUInt64 with base 10 does not check range
18097 nor --- Linu bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentStack<T>.PushRange() does not set the collection size correctly
18361 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- FileInfo.MoveTo does not work with absolute paths
18363 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Parallel.For uses unsafe 64 bit cross-thread accesses
18421 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- ConcurrentQueue<T>.TryDequeue leaks last remaining element.
18750 nor --- Wind martin.baulig NEW --- WebClient redirected POST requests causes a bad request on the servers
18772 nor --- Mac bugzilla NEW --- Change events are not being raised on XDocument, just on XDocument.Root
81 bugs found.
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